Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Blog #6 HOPE

Image result for bob marley quotes on hope it about hopePersonally, I find that hope is music. There are some songs I listen to that explain my life and my feelings. Music is powerful. You can find hope in many things. Sometimes people think hope can mean you want something that you aren't sure of. You can say "I hope they are there," "I hope this happens in the future." Bob Marley said "To hope is to risk pain". When he says that, I feel like it means if you hope in someone or something it might let you down once in a while. From my understanding, hope is holding on to some kind of belief for yourself, or someone.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blog Post # 3

In the TED talk The happy secret of better work by Shawn Achor talks about happiness and how "every time your brain has a success you just change the goal post of what success looked like." When he states this he is saying if we achieve a goal we are happy for a minute then it's over. We go back to our old self only with a new goal. He also say " You get good grades you got to get better grades, you get a good job you got to get a better job." This means we always want more and that's not always a bad thing. But we aren't always happy with what we got. When he says "If happiness is on the opposite side of success your brain never gets there." People ting that you have to be successful to be happy. You pushed your happiness behind your success you have to be successful to be happy. But this isn't how it works. I feel like this is important. You cannot be putting your success before happiness because you have to be happy to be successful.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blog 2 Ted Talk

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In the Ted Talk Dan Gilbert´s main argument is asking why people are happy. He explains how the Human brain is nearly tripled in size. The brain has tripled because of the frontal lobe.  This frontal lobe helps us human experience simulations or imaginations. Gilbert explains that since out brains have grown we can now experience real and synthetic  happiness. Real happiness comes naturally from doing things that you enjoy doing. Synthetic happiness is not natural and is when you make up your own happiness. Most people that have synthetic happiness have never felt real happiness. Or they have felt real happiness but it wasn´t for a ling time and some had ruined their real happiness. Now they try to make themselves happy instead of just letting it come naturally. When they want to be happy they end up not becoming happy. Natural happiness is they because feeling because you aren´t looking for your happiness.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Image result for happinessHappiness is a very important feeling to have in your life. Anything can make you happy, from a movie to your best friend. Without happiness it would be very difficult to live your life. For me personally my brother and baseball is what makes me happy the most. There is always at least one time a day my friends me me happy. When I wake up everyday I am just amazed on how lucky I am to have these certain people in my life. I have two friends who mean the world to me and I'll do whatever to protect them. For instance my best friend Nico is an important person in my life, even though we only met last year we have gotten through some huge barriers. Just knowing my friends are happy makes me feel good and brings a smile to my face. My friend Frankie always makes me smile and right now in my life I need that. We both have our personal problems but always end up helping each other through them. For example I was have some family problems and didn't know what to do so she gave me advice. Last week she didn't have these papers for a project and I drove to her house and gave her them so she could pass the that project. Like I said seeing my friends happy is the best thing for me. Another thing that makes me happy is baseball. When ever I'm stressed is go take ground balls or hit. Ever since i was little baseball has always been there for me, its the one thing that hasn't left me. Happiness is very important for the average human to live and accomplish their goals. Because not all people can live their whole life depressed because at least one thing makes you happy, even if it is the littlest thing. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


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When you have obstacles in your life you still push through and get to your goal. In the ted talk she talked about how most of her smartest students have trouble with grit. She also talked about how grit cant be taught and how it is just a trait that people already have.  There was a test that with high school students took a test. This test helped determine which seniors would graduate and which wouldn't . The students that had the most grit graduated. There was another test at a spelling be. They saw kids at a spelling bee and decided who had more grit. One student had grit and he/she ended up winning the spelling bee. Grit is an important factor to have to accomplish things in life.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Self Control

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 Self Control is an important factor that we need in our daily lives. Many of us get out self control tested almost everyday. For a fact I know that whenever I have money I just want to spend it. This is one example of myself control. When it comes to money I just want to spend it , But then I realize if I save it eventually something better can be bought. Another example of self control is The Marshmallow Test. This test is to study if children under four can not eat a marshmallow for 15 minutes. If they survive the 15 minutes thy will get another marshmallow to eat. One out of every ten kids will last the 15 minutes. Self control is very important. Just imagine if we hand no self control this world would shit. Everyone buying everything and things that we wouldn't say to others would come out. I believe if everyone had a little more self control America wouldn't be on the down fall it is on right now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stereotypes/ Misperceptions

Image result for baseballBecause I am a Mexican male some people believe that I play soccer. But this is not the case I play baseball. I believe we stereotype and judge people everyday. We may look at a person and think "They might play soccer" " They look like they would be a weird kid." We may not think we are doing this but we do. It is just apart of us in 2016 and always will be. I judge people all the time like when I first met Nico at baseball practice. When I saw him I thought that I wouldn't like him right off the bat but that wasn't the case. He's one of my closest friends, hes like my brother. This proves that we can "Not like someone" by what you see and not get to know them then eventually become best friends. We never know whats going on in others lives so we should try not to judge people.